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From Catering to Party Rentals our services are available in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County of California.
Contact The Fun Company for more information about event planning for public events and private parties.

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Pop Noggins

a hip & hot entertainment product utilizing "green screen" technology to superimpose guests' heads onto animated dancing bodies....

Doubleshot Basketball

89" H x 90 1/4" D x 46 1/2" L (1amp)
Simply put, this game is fun.  Step up and start shooting baskets.  Player(s) have 30 seconds on the shot clock to score as many baskets as possible.  An LED readouts displays your score
1 to 2 players

NBA Jam (Sports Station)

74 1/2" H x 43" D x 37" W ( 4 amps)
Wanna get some full court action going?  Then try this game.  Choose from all your favorite NBA teams and players and go head to head to see who's got the skills?  This game also comes with NFL Blitz (football) in which players can also choose from their favorite NFL teams and players.  This game can play from 1 to 4 players at a time for some serious gaming.

World Class Bowling

76 1/2" H x 56" D x 47 1/2" W (5 amps)
This game is addicting.  Unlike most games where you have to do multiple things, this game is plain and simple, but skill is required.  Just like real bowling, players get ten frames each and try to score the highest points possible.  Are you a bowling nut, well then this game is for you, because the 7 - 10 split is just sitting there!  Are you calling it?
1 to 2 players

Mocap Boxing

88" H x 63 1/2" D x 47 1/2" W (3amps - 900lbs)
Let's get ready to rumble!  Put on the gloves and come out swinging.  Players attempt to battle through the ranks and make it to the championship title fight.  Players must duck and move avoiding the punches being thrown by the opponent.  A motion sensor system detects your movements throughout the game, and if you're not quick enough you'll get knocked out! 1 player


72 5/8” H x 31 1/2” D x 25 1/4” W (3 amps)
You loved this game growing up.  Play it again, and this time watch out for the little flying saucer!

71 3/4" H x 32" D x 25 1/2" W (3 amps)
Remember this one?  Straight out of 1980.  This game was so much fun and now you can play it again
1 to 2 players

Classic Cocktail Table

29" H x 32 3/4" D x 22 1/4" W (4amps)
This game is packed full of your classic games.  Simply choose a title and start playing.
(Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Space Invaders, Centipede, Dig Dug, Mr. Do)   1 to 2 players

Classic 4 Combo

73 1/2" H x 41 1/2" D x 28 1/4" W (4 amps)
This cabinet features four of the classics all wrapped into one. (Centipede,Millipede, Missile Command & Let's Go Bowling.)   1 to 2 players


67 1/4" H x 33" D x 29 3/4" W (3 amps)
Here's another of everyone's favorite game.  With the amount of money you spent on this game as a kid, you probably could own a mansion?  1 to 2 players


Namco Classics

74" H x 40 1/2" D x 34 1/4" W (3 amps)
This game features 3 game titles (Pacman, Rally X & Dig Dug .)  But wait, it doesn't stop there.  Each title has the classic version of the game as well as a new advanced version.  So you actually get 6 games in one cabinet. Nice! 1 to 2 players



68 1/4" H x 33" D x 24 3/4" W (3 amps)
Here you go.  The game that started it all. . . . . Pacman. 1 to 2 players


29" H x 32 3/4" D x 22 1/4" W (4amps)
This game will drive you crazy.  It's so addicting you just can't stop.  1 to 2 players

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Available to rent in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange County, and Surrounding Communities

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